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 Dylan Myers Design is a cutting edge design studio focused on creating unexpected works of art.


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Dylan Myers Design is dedicated to creating functional pieces of art that will stand the test of time and enhance any space. Together with you, we will design and create a hand crafted piece using unique techniques that will compliment any decor. Be it an interior or exterior space we do it all, countertops, sinks, furniture, and large format tiles to architectural elementsThese are a few of our pieces to give you an idea of what we can create for you. Our goal is to make a custom piece that will fit into your design. Our team will help you find the right color & provide design insight to create the perfect look. 

“…from throwing it down thick and dirty to putting it up clean and sexy, we have you covered.” – Dylan Myers




Dylan Myers Owner - Concrete Artisan

Dylan Myers


Sean Landsteiner - Shop Manager

Sean Landsteiner

Shop Manager

Carisa Rousseau- Accounting & Office Manager for Dylan Myers Design

Carisa Rousseau

Accounting & Business Manager


I’ve been in the construction industry my whole life, building is in my blood. In my former life I was a general contractor in NV, CA and MD… doing everything from flipping houses in Baltimore to building ultra high end homes in Tahoe. I studied engineering at UNR and just figured I’d continue on building for the rest of my life.

Then concrete found me (by mistake actually) and my world changed. I’ll never forget looking at the ugliest pile of furniture I’ve ever lain eyes on and yet it resonated on a very deep level. So I followed my gut and went all in. August 9th 2013 I woke up and thought no better time than the present. That day was when I took the biggest leap of faith anyone could possibly imagine. With absolutely zero knowledge of furniture or concrete I decided to devote the rest of my life to it.

Since then my journey has been interesting to say the least. In the pursuit of my passion, I’ve experienced the lowest of lows and the highest of highs. I slept on my office floor for 824 days living, breathing and loving this new found passion. This is what I do. My passion, my obsession, my joy and most importantly my ART. Dylan

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